Jan Glennie-Smith


Jan Glennie-Smith with her beloved, Tino

Jan Glennie-Smith with her beloved, Tino

“When I went to Venice, I discovered that my dream had become, incredibly, but quite simply - my address.” ~ Marcel Proust

I've been arranging furniture since I was big enough to push a chair, a master of leverage from an early age! Raised in a nomadic family that moved almost annually, there was never a shortage of new rooms to personalize. Our furniture moved with us each time, and regardless of how temporary our stay was, those pieces represented "home" to me.

From bedroom to dorm room, tiny rental to property ladder, a succession of fixer-uppers requiring remodeling, restoring and redecorating, honed and refined my practical knowledge, while my love of research and hound dog tenacity proved that whether fixture, fabric, a piece of furniture, fine art or fabricator, I'm confident I'll find it. My searches have led me to wonderful discoveries of art, architecture and design. Some of my favorite projects have been the reimagining of a salvaged or found object, into something new. 

My background is in the creative arts, specifically dance and music, yet I became a designer of interiors and gardens, and a freelance florist simply for the delight of it. Design is a natural extension of what I love, enfolding a curiosity and genuine interest in people, a fascination with how we see ourselves, and how that finds expression in the spaces we inhabit. I hope you’ll find something here that resonates and will  contact me for more information or to schedule a consultation.